Interested in community

Vision, communication, balance, and relationships - these were core components of leadership for Tim. He manifested these qualities throughout his life by listening and acting with authenticity. Tim's brand of leadership is more than a set of personal characteristics - it is a deep commitment to giving back and consistently doing the right thing. 



Passionate about potential 

The power of education as a tool to improve the lives of young people drove much of Tim's community involvement. Opening doors to new perspectives and ways of living was a lifelong project for Tim. Whether meeting with policymakers or guest lecturing to fourth graders, Tim knew that each person has the ability to achieve greatness and was determined to help each person he met unlock it. 


Resolution in adversity.

Play the cards you are dealt - that was Tim's philosophy. He carried that attitude throughout the two years he spent living life to the fullest in the face of a difficult cancer diagnosis. Tim's legacy lives on his ability to inspire others to look inward, engage outward, and continue forward. This was never more true than in his willingness to share his journey with cancer to help others discover their personal strength.